Friday, 27 July 2012

I got a fright!

On the 25th of July we had our launch day. It was very cool when we got our netbook because when we got it we got to play cool maths games. I will remember the day. I got to play cool maths games on the first day.


Principal@GI said...

Enjoy the new tool. You now have access to a whole new learning space - the WWW!

Devonn said...

Hello pakii good to see that your enjoying your new tool. Wish that i can play on cool maths games like you guys. I will remember that day as well.

Teina Teariki Mana said...

Hi Pakii
I hope your enjoying your new netbook. I know Chloe and Devonn are having a lot of fun learning and I hope you do too.
If you ever need to practice on your typing skills you are more than welcome to come around home..... Happy learning bub

PAkii said...

Thank you Aunty, Maybe I will do that. I need to practise.

Timothy said...

Hi pakii want a very story and love the photo too.Keep up the good work love your story.

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